The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition

- Thomas Edison

Nutrition Counselling:

My philosophy:

I believe that in order to get long lasting results and improve health, exercise and nutrition belong together. A strong body leads to an increased metabolism, which can transport and absorb nutrients more efficiently and get rid of toxins faster. A healthy diet supplies the body with the fuel it needs to perform at its highest potential.

I would like to simplify the science behind nutrition, inform about common misconceptions and teach people how to make the right choices in grocery stores, restaurants, etc.

Through the experience I gained during my course, I also do not believe that a person can change the necessary dietary habits in only one hour of seeing a nutritionist, this is why I would like to offer guidance over a longer period of time, which allows the client to adapt slowly and it also allows me to modify recommendations in order to be successful and as helpful as possible. 

My Credential (R.H.N):

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, my main goal is to look at the "whole" person, which includes food choices, lifestyle, exercise habits, genetic predisposition, stress levels and more.

In order for a body to function properly, all areas need to be balanced. By finding imbalances and correcting them, energy levels increase, sleep patterns improve, health and mood improves, cravings can be eliminated and people start to feel better overall. 

Available Packages:

One on One:

Includes an initial nutritional/ lifestyle assessment which can be filled out online beforehand. During the session, we will go over the main issues and find solutions to improve your diet and eating habits.

Kickstart Nutrition

Includes an initial nutritional assessment (1 hour, in - person), a weekly info- email on relevant topics and a personalized plan based on the findings of the nutritional assessment on how to get your eating habits back on track. You will also receive email support and nutrition challenges to complete at home (e.g take pictures, food diary, etc.).

1 month